Why We Can Find You the Lowest Premiums in the State of Connecticut and Online Brokers, AARP and AAA Can’t or Won’t

We are tearing the veil off of a very ugly secret. Online brokers, AAA, AARP and others don’t tell you the lowest cost life insurance available to you! They claim to be researching to find you the BEST policy but they define BEST differently than you or I would.

The BEST for YOU is getting the best possible price on the coverage you need from a licensed reputable insurance company.

The BEST for THEM is finding you an insurance company that pays them the highest commissions and can be applied for online, by direct mail or over the phone.

So when an online broker says that the lowest cost for you is X in Connecticut, they are not giving you critical information about other policies available to you. These other policies that they don’t tell you about pay lower commissions and require that a field underwriter meet with you in person. Online Brokers like Select Quote and Policy Genius don’t have the staff to meet personally with you to verify your identity and medical condition.

But this field underwriting process reduces the insurance rates. So while it may be a slight hassle, it can save you 20-50% off the online, phone, and direct mail insurance plans! But they can’t offer that service to you. We can and do.

The average person we work with saves at least $30-200 a month for the rest of their lives off of what they would have paid for an online, direct mail or telephone sold policy.

The cost to you? Well you have to 1) Call us and pick your plan and then 2) meet with one of our very professional and kind field underwriters for 10-15 minutes.

Online Brokers, AARP and AAA want to do it the easy way- not because it saves you 15 minutes- but because it saves them the cost of a team of field underwriters. They save on staff expense and make higher commissions off of more expensive policies.

When you think of how much it will cost you over a lifetime for the convenience of purchasing online, it just doesn’t make sense.

The worst part of all this is that most consumers have no idea that they are not being told what their lowest cost could be. They are being hoodwinked into believing that the online broker, AAA or AARP is telling them their lowest cost available.

Call us. We make it our mission to put your interests first. We always recommend the lowest priced plan unless the insurer isn’t licensed or has a poor credit rating. We are always willing to come to you and make applying easy and safe. We believe that doing this is required by state insurance laws and an agent’s ethical code. We also believe that doing right by people is always good business.