Select Quote Doesn’t Provide Your Lowest Life Insurance Quote in Connecticut

Online and television advertising insurance brokers only provide you quotes on life insurance policies that pay them the highest commissions and can be sold online or over the phone.

When you ask a company like Select Quote or Policy Genius for your lowest quote, they will only provide you the lowest quote among the insurance companies they choose to do business with. Those insurance companies are the ones that pay the highest commissions, and the ones they can easily sell without meeting with you or getting a wet signature. The bast value insurance companies require wet signatures and pay lower agent commissions. Why? Wet signatures mean that the insurance company knows that your identity is correct, and is able to put you into a lower risk class. And lower agent commissions mean lower overhead costs that you benefit from in the form of lower premiums.

We challenge you to get your so called “lowest quote” in Connecticut from Select Quote or Policy Genius. Then call us and ask us what the actual lowest price is for your life insurance. We guarantee you that our quotes will substantially beat your best Select Quote or Policy Genius quote every single time. How confident are we? We will give you $250 on the spot if we can’t beat a television or online advertised lowest quote. What will it cost you? Nothing other than having to personally sign the application.