Our Favorite Life Insurance Companies: American National

N4P Life is a Connecticut based independent insurance agency. Independent means we aren’t limited to selling for one company. It means that we have an ethical duty to find our clients the best possible price and coverage for their unique needs among ALL life insurance companies licensed in Connecticut. Our favorite life insurance companies are those with the lowest price combined with exemplary customer service. Customer service is important in life insurance because when a claim occurs we all want compassionate on the ball people toward with at the insurance company.

American National www.americannational is an A rated life insurance company with a long history of providing the lowest term life insurance for Connecticut residents. It is almost always the lowest rate for people 18-70. While they often require full underwriting- meaning a blood and urine test to get coverage, their policies include for no additional charge “living benefits”. Living benefits means that the policy pays out not just for the death of the insured, but also when the insured suffers an injury or illness. This can be a godsend for insureds who may not have health insurance that covers all care expenses, or where there is a mortgage or wage losses. Claims handling is made easy largely due to their competent and professional staff that acts swiftly when an insured is in need.

For people over 50 with a large mortgage, or a younger spouse, or an adult child with disabilities, we often recommend an ANICO term policy combined with a permanent policy.