Not4Profit Life Guarantees a Better Price Than AAA, AARP, and any Online “Lowest” Price Life Insurance Broker

We dare you (in a nice way) to go get your lowest price quote from AAA, AARP and any of the highly advertised lowest life insurance brokers. In every single instance, we guarantee you that our rates for the exact same policy coverage will be lower than their rate. We mean that! And we don’t mean just a little lower!

The rate you will get from us will be the lowest you can get anywhere else by 20% or more. Our Connecticut based agency isn’t the biggest agency and we don’t have a 7 figure advertising budget. But we do have your best interests at heart, and that makes a huge difference.

So naturally you’re asking why is it that we can do this but companies like AAA, AARP, Select Quote, Policy Genius, Nerd Wallet can’t? The simple answer is that these companies choose not to tell you what the best rates actually are! They only work with only those insurance companies that can make the most commissions from and profit off of more. The best quality and priced Not-for-Profit life insurance companies are not included in their offerings because these policies pay much lower agent commissions and because they cannot be sold online. Note: Most not for profit life insurance companies require that a real live applicant sign the paperwork in person, and that makes it impossible for these online and direct mail agencies to just use a mail room or website to sign people up.

What infuriates us and will infuriate you to is that when you get your quote from one of these online or direct mail agencies they will tell you its YOUR LOWEST RATE for life insurance in Connecticut. In fact, its just your lowest rate among the companies they choose to sell for- the for-profit ones that can be sold online with excessively high commissions to the agents. Even more frustrating is that groups many of us trust like AAA and AARP do exactly the same thing. They are hiding from you the real universe of options which include options that would save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life.

So yes, we are the first agency in Connecticut and the United States to offer real cost comparisons among all advertised and unadvertised life insurance companies. Why? Because we want consumers to get full information about their options so they can get the best policy they need. We see no need to pay more for policies that provide less. And importantly we aren’t putting selfish desires like getting higher commissions or an easier application process in front of that goal.