The best values in life insurance aren’t promoted or advertised. They are the not-for-profit life insurance plans regulated and licensed by the State of Connecticut Insurance Commissioner. These are companies run by policyholders for the benefit of policyholders. They don’t pay oversized commissions to agents or seven figure salaries to their management teams. Instead they offer solid insurance policies at rates 10-50% less than their advertised for-profit peers.

We are a licensed independent broker authorized to help you obtain both the advertised and unadvertised life insurance policies. Located in Branford, CT we serve all residents of Connecticut.

Complete our quote request form and we’ll be in touch shortly. Note: The quoting tool will give you most of the plans available. Some of the not-for-profit plans, however do not offer online quotes. So, in almost every case, we will be able to offer you a rate even lower than those quoted to you on this site. So be sure to take our call!