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Guaranteed Lowest Rate Life Insurance for Connecticut Residents

We are a Connecticut based independent insurance agent. On our site you can get an instant no obligation quote for permanent, final expense or term insurance. Unlike other sites like Select Quote or Policy Genius, we provide your lowest rate among all licensed CT insurance plans. Online brokers tell you what the lowest rate is for who they define as their “top” carriers. But they define “top” as those insurers that pay them the highest commissions and allow their policies to be sold online- making their job easy! Important Note: Our quoting system does not include some excellent insurers who do not have online quoting systems. So your best quote will likely be less than the instant quote you see on our site.

$250 Cash On the Spot if We Can’t Beat Your Best Quote

Not4Profit Life is a licensed Connecticut Life Insurance Broker. The life insurance you see advertised on television or through national online brokers often misleads Connecticut residents about their “lowest” cost options. We include all of the life insurance policies available to you. This includes highly reputable and licensed not for profit insurance plans that are excluded by television advertisers and online brokers like Select Quote and Policy Genius. They are excluded by these agents because they offer lower commissions and can’t be sold online. But that’s no reason for you not to know about them! We are so confident that working with us is worthwhile that we guarantee we can beat the best quote you have been given elsewhere. We work very hard to make sure you have no doubts about the policy you select.

Welcome to Your Lowest Cost Connecticut Life Insurance

We are an independent Connecticut based life insurance broker. The rates you get from us are from the entire universe of CT licensed life insurance plans available to you. You will be especially surprised how affordable the not-for-profit life insurance plans can be. Your quote will be 20-50% less than the quote you received from a policy offered on television, through online sites, through another agent, or through a direct mailer to you. These plans are offered by companies run by the policyholders for the benefit of policyholders. They don’t use your premium dollars to make a profit for shareholders, to pay huge executive salaries, or oversized agent commissions. Instead, these companies focus on keeping costs low and their claims handling and customer service compassionate and human. These companies are licensed and regulated by the State of Connecticut Insurance Commissioner and work exactly like their for-profit peers. We specialize in getting you the exact policy you need at the guaranteed lowest price available for any life insurance policy in Connecticut.